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About G.Debbas

Influenced by a great heritage of Byzantine art, history and culture, G.Debbas Chocolatier is dedicated to an ageless tradition of excellence.

Guy Debbas studied Food Science at California State University, Fresno. While completing graduate school he contributed a thesis on ice cream production and another on agriculture self-sufficiency in Lebanon, which was published in An-Nahar. For the past 30 years, Guy has been working in the chocolate arena doing product development, marketing, and sales. Currently he heads his company, G.Debbas Chocolatier, an innovative venture into the art of hand-crafted artisan chocolates.

Guy and his products have been the subject of many published articles and many of his products have graced the covers of several industry magazines, such as MC ManufacturingCoffee & TeaParade, and Martha Stewart Living Magazine. In 2005, Guy was named “Chocolate Trend Setter” by Candy Industry,  as he has always been at the forefront of innovation. Most notably, he was the first to introduce “chocolate truffles” to the United States, bringing his international food knowledge to the US market. Guy was also voted by his peers to be the best chocolate innovator in the industry (2001) and was asked to be a guest speaker at the Natural Food Show, presenting on “The Real Challenge of Functional Confections” (2005). G.Debbas was awarded THE BEST PRODUCT LINE IN THE U.S.A. for three consecutive years: 2007,2008 and 2009. With his international experience, education and years of success in the industry, Guy Debbas and G.Debbas Chocolatier is the future of chocolate.